What are Keywords or high paying keywords ?

What are Keywords?
These are the words and phrases used by browsers when using Search Engines. Search Engines then use those keywords to generate a list of results with links to web sites where those keywords appear most relevant. Keywords are also very important for advertising too! In the case of Adsense, Google will crawl your site after your application, in order to let them to display targeted and related ads on your site. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some key terminologies about Google keywords. Please kindly leave a comment if you have any problem or suggestion.

1. Keyword Popularity
To find out which keywords are being used by your target audience, you can use tools like Overture™ Keyword Selector Tool. Enter keywords you believe your audience would use and Overture will let you know how many times over the past month that keyword was used. More importantly, they will provide you with similar keywords and keyword phrases. Following this trail can often lead to categories of keywords you may have overlooked.

2. Regional Keywords
Be aware not only of how browsers are searching, but also from where they are searching. In this case, geographical location is also another important factor. In an effort to receive more targeted results, browsers will often include geographic keywords in their searches. In the case of Adsense, it is not hard for you to see some ads in the language of your own country. This is the result of geographic targeting of Adsense. Developing a keyword list that takes into account regional keywords can effectively cut the number of web sites you are competing with for SE results and at that the same time deliver more qualified traffic to your Web Site.

3. Keyword List Development
Once you have determined which keywords and phrases are being used, you can develop a hierarchy of keywords and phrases. This keyword list should be used extensively throughout a Web Site for things like Search Engine Optimization and Pay/Click Campaigns, developing Web Site navigation, design, and content, and for determining Web Site success.

4. Know How Browsers Search
Combining keywords is a powerful technique in Search Engine Optimization. Most browsers (81%) are using more than one word when conducting online searches. 49% of browsers are entering 3 words or more. The trend seems to be that browsers are getting more sophisticated in how they conduct their searches. They are realizing that one word searches do not deliver very specific results and quickly discover how to get more relevant search results. Below is a chart showing how many keywords browsers are entering in a search engine when conducting searches.

5. Vertical Keyword Categories
Seldom will one category of related keywords cover all the ways your target audience may be trying to find you. For this reason it is important to identify the vertical categories (regional categories are the most common) and develop areas on your Web Site specific to each. Combining these categories on one page will only cut the relevancy of each category in half when indexed by a Search Engine.

So why the Adsense Publisher should always look at the Keyword Rates

So we are providing you latest High Paying Keywords.

You Must think Does High-paid Keyword Works in Adsense?

Do high paying google adsense keywords work? Yes without any doubt if you are targeting adsense ads that advertisers are willing to pay high to get targeted visitors because that would be an important business for them, you should really benefit. Instead of earning a few cents per click, you will earn several dollars per click. Now this is indeed a huge difference. This can quickly add up. Usually adsense ads that pay well are in competitive fields whereby it's difficult to get a top search engine ranking and advertisers are paying top dollars to get a high ranking on adwords along with the organic search engine listings. Adsense keywords like mesothelioma, asbestos cancer, asbestos, debt consolidation, refinance, home equity loans, structured settlement, acne, make money and others are among the top paying ones. The high paying adsense keywords usually range between $1-$50 but this is not static and can change depending how much advertisers are willing to pay for. But don't just think that it's that easy to cash in on those keywords.

First of all you need to build a useful website about one these topics preferably and not just adding pages having these type of content while on the other hand your site is about a completely different topic. Google has a system called smart pricing whereby if you are getting lots of clicks to a specific ad and generating good money from it, sometimes Google will try to level the playing field in an attempt to provide a better return on investment for the advertiser. In my opinion, this means that not every click counts the same, some clicks are way better and will tend to convert into either an online sale, a query, a subscriber etc... Google smart pricing model can estimate the value of a click eg based on the site relevance and adjusting prices on an ongoing basis be it lowering it to be just above the competitor's maximum cost per click and giving greater value to the advertiser.

By site relevance, it means - is the whole site dedicated to a specific topic or just a single web page? You can have a page on your site about photography techniques and your site is in fact about digital cameras. Someone who is displaying ads about digital cameras on his digital camera website will get better value for the clicks whereas someone displaying digital camera ads on a particular page on his photography website. The difference is how targeted the visitor is. If the advertiser is getting higher value so will the adsense publisher meaning more dollars per click.For sure, you should try to get some high paying adsense keywords related to the theme of your website to increase profitability in your adsense business while at the same time driving targeted traffic to your pages.