Top Paying Webhost Keywords

Here is a detailed list of top paying google adsense keywords from domain name and web hosting field. This is one of the best paying niche along with medical and finacial fields. The data is obtained directly from google's tools itself. But no claims are made about the accuracy of the data, due to the volatile nature of the adwords keyword bidding.

register a domain name $34.51
domain registrations $31.39
servers dedicated $29.47
how to register a domain name $26.84
domaine names $26.00
register domain names $25.83
search domain name $24.75
domain register $24.25
domain registration $23.97
internet domain registration $23.58
yahoo webhosting $22.05
domain registering $21.78
counter strike dedicated servers $21.65
buy domain name $21.23
registering domain names $20.71
domain check $20.21
buy a domain name $20.12
domain search $19.83
dedicated server $19.73
managed dedicated servers $19.56
domain name registrations $19.55
eu domain registration $19.52
domain searches $19.28
domain names $19.06
domain name registration $19.01
dedicated linux hosting $18.35
available domain name $18.31
linux dedicated hosting $18.20
dedicated web hosting $18.04
hosting domain registration $17.87
dedicated windows server hosting $17.74
dedicated web hosting $17.63
hosting dedicated $17.58
dedicated hosting $17.30
managed dedicated hosting $17.30
domain name availability $16.99
ca domain name $16.64
web domain $16.58
dedicated web server $16.56
domain names canada $16.53
dedicated server hosting $16.14
dedicated hosting server $16.03
cheap domain names $16.00
register domains $15.92
dedicated windows hosting $15.90
mohaa dedicated server $15.87
inexpensive domain $15.70
domain name $15.69
dedicated server web hosting $15.44
Domain $15.38
domain name registration search $15.37
uk dedicated hosting server $15.36
unix dedicated server $15.17
cheap domain register $15.03
dedicated sql server $15.03
virtual dedicated server hosting $14.48
canada domain name $14.36
cheap domain $14.30
available domain $14.28
windows dedicated server $14.24
australian domain $14.21
low cost domain $14.05
domain australia $13.92
cheap domain name $13.84
managed dedicated server $13.78
virtual dedicated hosting $13.71
dedicated servers hosting $13.64
low cost domain registration $13.60
hosting $13.55
dedicated servers california $13.49
uk dedicated server $13.45
dedicated servers hosting $13.44
uk dedicated servers $13.39
domain registers $13.27
dedicated servers $13.01
domain company $13.00
domain services $12.88
dedicated hosting review $12.81
cheap domains $12.70
domain reg $12.69
cheap dedicated hosting $12.53
website domain name $12.51
dedicated hosting service $12.40
virtual dedicated hosting $12.29
domain lookup $12.25
cheap domain hosting $12.05
cheap domain name registration $11.97
colocation hosting $11.80
webhosting $11.79
dedicated ip web hosting $11.78
windows dedicated servers $11.76
windows dedicated servers $11.76
mohaa dedicated server $11.71
inexpensive webhosting $11.64
dedicated server rental $11.64
dedicated web servers $11.61
dedicated mail server $11.59
uk domain $11.54
colocation hosting $11.50
dedicated servers chicago $11.49
dedicated server $11.47
best webhosting $11.40
discount domain registration $11.37
own domain $11.32
domain names search $11.28
unmetered dedicated servers $11.22
server colocation $11.18
domain registrar $11.13
freebsd dedicated hosting $11.00
cpanel web hosting $10.99
discount domain $10.96
dedicated server host $10.90
server colocation $10.75
colocation server hosting $10.70
best dedicated server $10.68
freebsd dedicated servers $10.67
dedicated server colocation $10.64
colocation web hosting $10.56
virtual domain $10.51
domains for sale $10.47
dedicated server hosts $10.39
domain names for sale $10.38
colocation servers $10.23
domain name ownership $10.17
dedicated server reseller $10.12
uk domain names $10.07
cpanel dedicated servers $10.07
domain registrars $10.06
cpanel hosting $10.06
collocation $10.03


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