Top paying medical keywords

Here is a detailed list of top paying google adsense keywords from medical field. This is one of the best paying niche along with finacial field. The data is obtained directly from google's tools itself. But no claims are made about the accuracy of the data, due to the volatile nature of the adwords keyword bidding.

medifast weight loss $48.18
mesothelioma lawyers $44.45
medifast diet $36.28
mesothelioma attorneys $32.29
mesothelioma lawyers $32.26
accutane class action $30.12
viagra for women $27.71
michigan plastic surgery $24.68
medifast $24.44
mesothelioma lawyer $24.28
mesothelioma $24.03
female viagra $23.33
cosmetic surgery michigan $22.88
plastic surgery la jolla $22.87
plastic surgery la jolla $22.87
accutane lawsuit $22.42
mesothelioma attorney $22.39
mesothelioma treatments $21.84
plastic surgery cincinnati $21.12
pro active acne treatment $21.06
accutane lawsuits $20.80
plastic surgery staten island $20.25
beverly hills plastic surgery $20.14
beverly hills plastic surgery $20.14
plastic surgery staten island $20.05
cosmetic surgery los angeles $19.79
medifast inc $19.69
laser eye surgery seattle $19.37
mesothelioma texas $19.33
cancer research uk $18.19
eye surgery los angeles $18.11
malignant mesothelioma $17.95
acne complex $17.90
peritoneal mesothelioma $17.71
pro active acne $16.96
avon breast cancer walk $16.55
accutane birth defects $16.27
susan lucci microdermabrasion $16.02
viagra women $16.01
mesothelioma lung cancer $15.94
plastic surgery in san diego $15.92
lasik eye surgery $15.84
plastic surgeon beverly hills $15.83
prostate cancer treatment $15.70
vigrx pills $15.35
california mesothelioma lawyer $14.94
mesothelioma cancer $14.55
new york mesothelioma $14.51
mesothelioma symptoms $13.93
lose weight now $13.61
new jersey plastic surgery $13.49
acne pro $13.44
la plastic surgery $13.43
la plastic surgery $13.43
causes of acne $13.30
proactive acne medication $13.27
microdermabrasion products $13.10
nutrisystem weight loss $12.84
laser eye surgery $12.74
weight loss diets $12.52
accutane depression $12.24
mesothelioma lawyer texas $12.15
plastic surgery in dallas $12.10
plastic surgery in dallas $12.10
non small cell lung cancer $11.96
weight loss camps $11.83
mesothelioma support $11.71
weight loss camp $11.67
eye surgery $11.48
high blood pressure impotence $11.13
non small lung cancer $11.11
blood pressure impotence $10.94
plastic surgery dallas $10.67
plastic surgery dallas $10.67
masturbation impotence $10.52
levitra 20mg $10.46
acne cleanser $10.30
female impotence $10.23
mesothelioma cancer $10.20
weight loss diets $10.09
acne solution $10.04


Claim said...

Do Google publish the up to date figures on Adsense and Adwords highest keywords and do they change alot over time?
Mesothelioma is generally the highest paying keywords but some sites have different keywords to others. I am interested how you get the figures from Google.
Mesothelioma Highest paying Adsense Keywords

Anonymous said...

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Todd said...

thanks for the great article about how much you can get from adsense for these keywords. Is this the avg. price per click?

Anonymous said...

If you add this keywords to unrelated post just to make profit from the ads, doesn´t google close your adsense account?