Why You Want Fast Hosting for AdSense Sites

It may not seem to be obvious at the first glance why you want a fast and reliable hosting for AdSense sites — and virtually any of your content site that you create specificaly to earn money from contextual advertising or other advertising programs.

First, let us make it clear.

You can host your site on free hosting service. Nothing is going to stop you. During your application, it may increase your chance to be accepted into the program if you have a professional site with your own domain.

But, really, after being accepted, you can take any low quality hosting service and use it for any of your new site.

The thing, I recommend that you always go for the fastest and greatest hosting you can afford for several reasons. It better has to be reliable too. Why?
1. It increases your professionalism

Don’t expect everyone run on broadband. Many people are still on dialup, although broadband penetration is certainly going up. So you optimize your page to load in a breeze.

The sad thing is, with slow hosting which hiccups during peak time, you have just ruined your hard work. Click! Your visitor has just clicked anywhere else, instead of your AdSense ads.
2. It caters to low attention span problem

People have shorter attention span online. It develops over time as there are more pages to choose and read everyday. If your whole page, including Google AdSense ad blocks don’t load in a few short seconds, they are not going to wait.

The back button is just one click away…

Remember that AdSense ads are loaded based on JavaScript code. Although it is a safe bet that Google is usually fast, still you need to load the page fast enough before user browser can start querying for the ads.
3. It increases your income.

Yes, it really does. For every visitor that you miss because of your sluggish hosting, for every minute or even second it goes down, you have just lost your AdSense dollar.

This is not something you can afford, especially given the fact that there are inexpensive hosting packages that actually deliver values.
Best Practices for Hosting

This doesn’t mean that you must go for the most expensive hosting package.

Nowadays, you can get a good hosting package for as low as $10 per month. You just have to shop around, do your own due deligence before getting your credit card out.

Have third opinions. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Some hosting allow multiple domains per account.

So shop around.

You usually get what you pay, but never accept anything less.


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