new bubbly adsense ads looks cool

On the last April, Google have introduced new formats for AdSense ads and this week, they have added a new dimension for publishers in customizing these ad formats. For this new format, you'll be able customize the shape by selecting between square, slightly rounded, or very rounded corners instead of only size and colors of your ad units.

To get started with these new ad shapes, visit the 'AdSense Setup' tab in your account. As with all format options like sizes and colors, different corner styles will perform better for different publishers.

Choose the corner style that best matches the look and feel of your sites. Please keep in mind that if your page background color, ad background color, and ad border color are all the same, these new corners won't be visible.

This new option is part of our ongoing effort to improve the look and feel of our ads. Adsense team always working to give you even more choices to customize your ad formats while maximizing revenue and user satisfaction. Enjoy the new corner options, whether you choose to go edgy or bubbly.

What you thing ? Are they cool or just looks cool and doesnt give any better results
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